10 Great Gift Ideas for Bagmakers and Sewists

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There are so many great tools for sewists. If you're a beginner, it's hard to know what you REALLY need. And if you've been sewing for awhile, you know it's fun to add more "toys" to your toolbox as your skills improve. Great tools can bring more efficiency and finesse to your projects. 

In no certain order, I've gathered these ideas from across the web. We are not affiliated, and unless noted, do not endorse any of the businesses listed. I have purposely only listed companies that have a good history of excellent reviews.


Photo by Darling Arias on Unsplash


I love the look of this customized seam ripper/stiletto from Quill and Hive on Etsy. At $6.50 - $7.00 a piece and combo packs available, you can get all of your sewing friends one or have them at each work station. Beautiful!


Quill and Hive Etsy shop



I have had this company bookmarked for awhile. I just haven't taken the time to decide on my logo for my personal sewing projects. These twill tags at InkedPapers on Etsy have been mentioned in Facebook sewing groups many times. Pictured are custom-made 5/8th Inch spool Twill Ribbon - Flat or Folded, Printed Sew-in Fabric Labels (natural or white). Other options are available and pricing varies depending on graphics and texts. Over 21,000 sales with a solid 5-star review history. 


 5/8" cotton twill tags on a roll InkedPapers on Etsy



From what I hear from other bagmakers, this is THE table press to have. If you're not sure what you need, there is an excellent video comparing their 3 table presses. KAMsnaps has an amazing reputation for wonderful customer service. 


KAM Professional Table Press for Snaps, Rivets, Grommets & Buttons (DK93)



It's no secret that we love Kassiah at SiahSwagBags. Not only does she make awesome videos, her customer service is the best! I love this Sew Thirsty tumbler. Check out the link for another style, too. 


Custom 12 oz insulated tumblers, comes with a straw and a cleaning pipe. Pick from two designs: SEW THIRSTY or SIP SEW SLEEP REPEAT 



In any of my patterns, I always recommend using a quilting ruler for quick and efficient measuring. The 2-1/2" x 18" is my favorite. Handicraft.com is the official home of Omnigrid. Many of their products were marked down when I wrote this. And they offer free shipping for orders over $35.


 Omnigrid Rectangle Ruler 3" x 18"



I have found many products in the various dollar discount stores to use in my sewing room and consider the Flexible Chopping Mat one of the best purchases. They are great for making pattern templates for fussy cutting and for patterns I plan to use over and over. Dollar Tree has a 2-pack Flexible Chopping Mats for - you guessed it - $1. I've linked to the website, but I purchase these in the store. 


Dollar Tree Flexible Cutting Mat 2-Pack, 11" x 14"



Patricia ordered a leather punch prior to making The Adina Laptop Bag. She said it was a gamechanger when she installed the turn-lock. The one she purchased from Amazon has 766 reviews with 4.5 star rating and costs only $21.99. 


Hollow Punch Cutter Set



I worked in a quilting store that sold the Daylight Company lamps.  They are not a cheap light - in price, function, or quality. The website currently has 5% off until Dec 15th. 


Slimline 3 Table Lamp by Daylight Lighting 



You spend a lot of time at your machine, so comfort, support, and durability are a must. I looked up best sewing chairs and found several different reviews for 2021. Good Housekeeping recommended this Office Depot Ergonomic Professional Chair. I have one almost like it and I can honestly say that I wouldn't trade it for my son's big gaming chair. The mesh back is wonderful for keeping your back cool. 


Office Star™ Professional Air Grid® Mid-Back Mesh Chair, Black



Sitting at the sewing machine might be good therapy, but it can be brutal on your body over time. The new book Sew Healthy and Happy by Rose Parr at C & T Publishing will keep you pain free. From the publisher: 

  •  Certified health and ergonomics specialist Rose Parr shares her expertise on how to sew smarter, healthier and happier
  • Includes exercises, stretches, recipes, and tips to keep you in prime sewing form
  • Keep your mind sharp and your body ache-free!

Smart Ergonomics, Stretches & More for Makers

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And that's it - my list of 10 great gifts for bagmakers - and sewists.

What would you add to the list?


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