Breathe Easier With the Free Adult Face Mask Digital Pattern

Lisa Stewart

When I travel by plane, I occasionally see passengers wearing a paper health mask. This is particularly common during flu season. My youngest son works on the UPS sort line, and if he has a cold, he will wear a mask for everyone else's protection. I have allergies, and have worn a mask while mowing. 

Of course, when respiratory viruses are circulating, it may serve us well to wear a mask when in crowded public areas. My husband works in a hospital in IT support, and they announced this past weekend that all employees have to wear fabric masks in the hallways. It dawned on me that I was going to need to use my sewing skills and make some masks for all of us!

And down the rabbit hole I went! If any of you have looked for a mask pattern, there seems to be an endless abundance of tutorials, free patterns, sale patterns, youtube videos, blogs, discussions, etc. on the best mask. I tried a couple of them, and then decided to dig deeper. I had pages of notes, conflicting data, complaints, suggestions, ad nauseum. I then decided I would design my own, encompassing the information I gathered. And since I was doing all this figuring, drafting, and note taking, I might as well make a coherent pattern and share it with all of you - and maybe save you some time!

The Adult Face Mask With Options Digital Pattern has these features:

  • A larger open size at 9" x 7-1/2" which covers the face and the chin, sitting close to the skin.
  • Three pleats across the front that spread to accommodate a variety of face and nose sizes.
  • Ties, instead of elastic.
  • A contrast lining suggested to be made from flannel for softness against the skin. 
  • An optional filter pocket.
  • An optional nose wire, helpful for molding the mask to the cheeks and keeping glasses and safety eyewear from fogging up.
  • Beginner friendly pattern with lots of clear pictures, instructions, and tips.
  • Designed to be stiched with a smaller stitch length and prewashed cotton fabric to make it easy to toss in the washing machine. I suggest using a lingerie bag to prevent the ties from knotting up in the agitator.
  • Medical facilities request many of these features. Check before making for donation!

My son and husband are both very happy with their masks. I was able to use scrap fabrics from my quilting stash and make some nicely coordinated items. My neighbors both work in hospitals and have asked for masks for themselves, too. After having made two dozen, I am ready to retire from mask making! Hats off to all those sewists who are making dozens daily!

Enjoy using my pattern (my first!) and share with your friends and family!

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  • Lisa Stewart on

    Thank you Katrina for your comment. It pleases me to know that this will be helpful to you and your fellow officers. Please share with other sewing friends!

    And you are quite welcome, Debbie.

  • Katrina Thomas on

    As a law enforcement officer who is dealing with the public daily, and who’s office is finding that we are becoming critically low on masks, THANK YOU! I’ll be making a BUNCH for myself, my officers and my husband (who is ALSO a cop in a neighboring community).

    Washable is a HUGE plus, because if I make enough, we can have one for each encounter and then just toss the lot in the wash with uniforms at the end of shift.

    Again, thank you!

  • Debbie on

    Eager to see Thanks

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