Are you seeing the little teal shopping bag at the right-hand bottom of the screen?

Pattern Perks is Kaya Papaya Design's reward program. We want to reward you for being our loyal customer. How it works is easy! You can earn points or get discounts for referrals.

NOTE: Be sure to check out KEY POINTS at the end of the page to get the best use of your account. 

How to Earn Pattern Points:

  • Sign up to be a Pattern Perks member, earn 5 Pattern Points
  • Every time you visit Kaya Papaya Design, you must log in prior to shopping.
  • Tell us your birthday after sign up (30 days in advance), and earn 15 Pattern Points on the special day
  • Make a purchase, earn one Pattern Point for every $ spent

Pattern Points = Savings:

Every 30 Pattern Points earns a $5.00 coupon. The coupon is good towards a minimum $5 purchase. There is no limit to how many coupons you can earn. The code will be automatically emailed when your account has 30 Points, and will be ready to redeem in your account. 

Terms: One coupon per order. Coupons cannot be used with other discount codes. Coupon can be used on sales where no code is required. Coupon cannot be transferred or duplicated. Points and $5.00 coupons do not expire. Coupons cannot be applied retroactively.

Referral Program:

  • Become a member and get a welcome email with a personal referral code for a $1.00 coupon to share with friends through email, on your personal pages, social media - anyway you choose. The code is unique to your account.
  • When the friend joins using the code and makes a purchase, you get a $1.00 coupon, emailed to you. Again, it will be in your account ready to redeem.

Terms: No limit on the number of shares of the referral code. One coupon per minimum $1 purchase. Coupons cannot be used with other discount codes. Coupon can be used on sales where no code is required. Points are not awarded for referrals, but will accrue for any purchases made. Referral codes cannot be applied retroactively.

Points Awarded for Previous Purchases:

As of January 4, 2021, ALL customers are accruing points as they shop. Once you sign up for an account, your previously earned points will automatically apply to your account. 


  1. Set up a password protected account 
  2. Sign in to your account each time you go to shop
  3. Redeem rewards through the Pattern Perks account - they are not automatically applied at checkout AND cannot be refunded or used retroactively. 

Just click on the little teal shopping bag in the right-hand bottom of the screen and enjoy the Perks of being a Kaya Papaya Design customer!

For an example of big savings using the Pattern Perks program, check out How To Get The Most From Kaya Papaya Design's Reward Program.

Questions about the Pattern Perks Program? Email us at