10 Favorite Bagmaking Tools - and Two "Just for Fun"

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There are so many great tools for sewists. If you're a beginner, it's hard to know what you REALLY need. And if you've been sewing for awhile, you know it's fun to add more "toys" to your toolbox as your skills improve. Great tools can bring more efficiency and finesse to your projects. 

In no certain order, I've gathered a dozen ideas from across the web. We are not affiliated, and unless noted, do not endorse any of the businesses listed. I have purposely only listed companies that have a good history of excellent reviews.

Let's dive in and check out the goodies. 

 antique pile of fabrics and scissors

 Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

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Who doesn't lose their seam ripper repeatedly when working? This one will be easy - and a pleasure - to find. The selection shown is the Oklaroots Exclusive 2 in 1 Tool "Limited Edition" by Quill and Hive on Etsy.


 three colorful stilletto seam ripper combo tool by Quill and Hive

 Quill and Hive Etsy shop



This company has been getting a lot of attention among bagmaking groups. The Heartwood + Hide Co. is a provider of handmade and custom goods made from leather, wood, acrylic, and more. Using a laser printer and color printer, they specialize in sew-on tags in leather, faux leather, and cork as well as bracelets, earrings, and accessories. Customization is available. 


Faux leather and cork tags for handcrafted goods by Heartwood and Hide

20 cork tags in an assorted colorful spectrum read "Handmade" and measure    2 ¼"W x ⅝"H. Topstitch or rivet.



Are you dreaming of a Table Press? The buzz in the bagmaking community is this is THE table press to have. If you're not sure what you need, there is an excellent video comparing their 3 table presses. KAMsnaps has an amazing reputation for wonderful customer service. 


KAM Professional Table Press for Snaps, Rivets, Grommets & Buttons (DK93)


Let's break for one "just for fun":

It's no secret that we love Kassiah of SiahSwagBags. Not only does she make awesome videos, her customer service is the best! This shirt tells the world what you'd rather be doing. Don't you love the needle and thread heart?


 Black tee shirt with gold writing and hearts by Siah Swag

 SiahSwag T-shirt made with screen print. Comes in SM through 2 XL.



In any of my patterns, I always recommend using a quilting ruler for quick and efficient measuring. The 2-1/2" x 18" is my favorite. Handicraft.com is the official home of Omnigrid. Sign up for their newsletter and get 10% off your first order. And check out their Summer Sale for up to 40% off now. Free shipping on orders over $35, too.


 Omnigrid Rectangle Ruler 3" x 18"



I have found many products in the various dollar discount stores to use in my sewing room and consider the Flexible Chopping Mat one of the best purchases. They are great for making pattern templates for fussy cutting and for patterns I plan to use over and over. Dollar Tree has a 2-pack of Flexible Chopping Mats for $1.25 (They should now be called the Dollar and a Quarter Tree!) I've linked to the website, but I purchase these in the store. 


Dollar Tree Flexible Cutting Mat 2-Pack, 11" x 14"



Patricia ordered a leather punch prior to making The Adina Laptop Bag. She said it was a gamechanger when she installed the turn-lock. The one she purchased from Amazon has 766 reviews with 4.5 star rating and costs only $21.99. 


Hollow Punch Cutter Set


And another one "for fun":

From the OddiTeesShop on Etsy (a 5 star seller). Personalization is available, too. 


White coffee mug with black lettering by OddiTeesShop on Etsy

Available in 11 oz. and 15 oz. at OdditeesShop on Etsy



We all know that the foundation of your bag is most important. Without it, the best fabric and hardware are just a puddle of stuff. We've tried a bunch of different brands, but not all, so while we will not make the claim that 2Minutes2Stitch is the best, it is the best of those we tried and we see no reason to check out any more.

The consistency in the quality of Val's lightweight and midweight woven interfacing as well as the ease of application and dependability in performance hooked Patricia and me. And with a price of $4.99 and $5.49 a yard (that's 43" width too) and shipped quickly to your mailbox, we can't find anything we don't love about it. (And while you're there, you might as well check out all those other goodies Val has, too). Not affiliated, but we heartily endorse!


Woven interfacing in two weights by 2Minutes2Stitch.

43" wide woven interfacing in two weights at 2Minutes2Stitch



This is probably the cheapest item on the list, but certainly one of the most useful. For $2.99 you can get this 4" Magnetic Parts Tray at Harbor Freight. The last magnetic pin cushion I purchased was over $10! 

I keep a complete set of sewing tools at each of 4 stations in my sewing room - the addition of these will be great. I love that it's a bowl - the pins don't sit on top just waiting to stab the side of my hand. There are bigger options, and they'll be great for my hairdressing clips (see # NINE).

I have never shopped at Harbor Freight, but a look at their website shows lots of coupons. I can't believe I didn't know about this store for sewing supplies!

4" diameter magnetic automotive parts tray 

Four inch diameter magnetic parts tray


Such a simple item has become such an important tool for me. I thought Wonder Clips were awesome. Then I saw Kassiah using these on a video and had to ask. I haven't seen these since my mom was rolling spit curls across my forehead! The flatness, longer length, and secure hold are far superior to those other clips. 

I won't be getting rid of my Wonder Clips, but I make sure I have plenty of these Hairdressing Clips at each work station. 

Double prong hairdressing curl clip at Amazon

Double prong hairdressing curl clip - sold in pack of 100 at Amazon



You spend a lot of time at your machine, so comfort, support, and durability are a must. This Office Star Professional Air Grid Ergonomic Professional Chair received high marks from Good Housekeeping. It's sold at Office Depot. I have one almost like it and I can honestly say that I wouldn't trade it for my son's big gaming chair. The mesh back is wonderful for keeping your back cool and the open design gives you lots of room for moving side to side as you reach for your sewing tools. 


Office Star™ Professional Air Grid® Mid-Back Mesh Chair, Black


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This is by far not a complete list of tools needed for bagmaking. You can get more information on the essentials by checking out the Three Part Series: Your Bagmaking Tool Kit. Get started here with Part One. 


Sitting at the sewing machine might be good therapy, but it can be brutal on your body over time. Check out how to do Sew-ga with Lane in this 3 minute video. Why not finish off this article with a nice stretch?



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