Check out the new free cosmetic bag pattern that goes perfectly with the Cici Tote Bag!


I enjoy being fashionable - fashionable in my own way. I feel that fashion should also function well. Handbags are great accessories to easily change up your look but I also want a bag that makes my day easier and holds all my stuff I need, especially being a mom.

I strive to make cIassic looks with a unique, individual twist and plenty of space without the bulk. I have always loved designer bags but with many "big name" designers, so many people have the same bags!  Why not have a unique, or even one-of-a-kind bag that you love and you know was handcrafted? That's why I started this business!  I love to create these fun looks, and want to share with those who want to own their own look, too. My handbags, wallets, and accessories are made in very limited quantities and many times I only make one of something. Unless you and your "bestie" buy the exact same item on the exact same day, odds are you will not see anyone else carrying what you chose. 

I select the fabric and hardware, and sew all the items myself, focusing on quality.  Many of my items I have designed myself and in the very near future I will be selling some of my patterns for those of you who enjoy making your own creations!

Having an online business allows me to create, share my passion, provide for my family, and homeschool my daughter.  I don't have to load up and trek to craft and trade shows, and you don't have to get dressed up (or dressed at all if that's your thing) and deal with traffic and crowds to see my products. 

I invite you to browse the collections and email me with any questions or comments. I guarantee the quality of all items that I make, and hope you're as delighted to own them as I am to create them!