• Add Some Class With a Purse Label You've put your best into that bag. Why not proudly tell the world it's handmade? Make sure you put it on securely and correctly.
  • Dressing A Zipper by Chris Hawke This is a really unique technique to add that bespoke look to your bag. Take a plain zipper and "dress it up." Thanks to Chris Hawke, who has tested for Kaya Papaya Design, for sharing her unique tutorial.
  • How to Get a Snug Lining in Your Bag All of our patterns are designed with snug linings. But sometimes things don't go as planned. This tutorial helps you troubleshoot and correct your problems. 
  • How To Make An Adjustable Strap Wanting to add an adjustable strap to a pattern that doesn't have directions? Or just need a little help in fine-tuning the process? Print this off and post at your machine and you'll never forget how to do it.
  • How To Make a Faux Rolled Strap It's easy! Follow this short tutorial to change up the look of your bag.
  • Success With A Curved Gusset This tutorial will give you the confidence to add the curved gusset on The Colette Bowler Bag to achieve a professional look. The technique is applicable to adding a curved piece to a straight piece on any bag.