Kids Can Travel In Style Too With The Duffy Bag

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There are times when you need a smaller overnight bag - for the kids going to Grandma's and overnights; for you going to dance class; for the guy going to the gym; or a mega diaper bag for the plane trip. This size bag is perfect for me when I make a quick weekend trip to visit my parents.


Miss Kaya's "going to Gammy's" overnight bag

Don't be intimidated by the multiple features or size of the bag. Rated for a Confident Beginner, step-by-step instructions with full color photos making the three different zipper installations and the curved end panels a breeze.

Measuring 16 x 9.5 x 8.5, The Duffy Bag is 4 inches shorter in length and 2 inches shorter in height, but just as wide as The Laila Weekender, which gives it lots of room without as much bulk. Perfect for a kid to tote around! Kid-friendly customizable features include:

  • a 1 1/4" strap with 11" drop
  • an exterior flap slip pocket
  • a combination slip/zipper pocket 
  • end slip pockets
  • an interior divided slip pocket for coloring books, tablets, etc.
  • an interior elastic "seatbelt" for stuffed animals
  • interior zipper pocket
  • interior end elastic-top pockets for shoes, bottles, etc. 

Three of our testers made their bags for men, one tester made hers to coordinate with her Laila Weekenderand one tester made bags for her children.



Becca Forrette of Cosmic Thread Customs used faux leather for the exterior and interfaced the bottom with Peltex and used Decovil light to reinforce the side connectors. She used Ottertex waterproof canvas for the lining. Due to the thickness, turning the lining through the zipper pocket was difficult and she was unable to use the elastic for the interior side pockets. She said a slightly bigger pocket for turning will work with the Ottertex. According to Becca, the side panels were no problem and all fit perfectly. 


Exterior faux leather from Zor-Elle, green accent faux leather from My PunkBroidery, Ottertex waterproof canvas from, hardware and zippers from multiple sources including Wizardry Stitchery and Crafts Geeky Hardware Edition, Bags by Kat, and Sallie Tomato.


Kassiah Schern Myers of, made two bags, one of which is shown in her sewing tutorial.


Floral exterior from Hawthorne Threads, vinyl from MyPunkBroidery, and WPC (waterproof canvas) from Zippers from myhandmadespace, and the hardware from and 

Cotton tie dye from Hobby Lobby, vinyl from and MyPunkBroidery and the inside WPC from as well. Hardware from and  

Sew Special by ZM's Zeiba Monod used blue waxed canvas, also known as oilskin from Merchant and Mills in the UK. The fusible interfacing was added to the lining instead of the exterior. Her accent cork fabric is from Tania Fabrics, also a UK company. 
The lining fabrics are quilting cottons and she used brown cotton webbing with blue canvas accents. A gift for her lucky partner!

This masculine, very attractive waxed canvas bag is by Donna Dickerson.

The two waxed canvas fabrics are by Fabric Funhouse and A.L. Frances Textiles. The lining is Cordura (500D) brand waterproof canvas from Donna's stash. The heavy nylon webbing from Country Brook Design (via Amazon). The end strap treatment is her own design for extra reinforcement. 

Hardware from MeiMei Supplies. 


The Duffy Bag pairs perfectly with The Laila Weekender for a very striking luggage set. Rebecca Hansen of TwoLeos Design did just that.  


Emmaline's Mora faux leather is the main exterior fabric with BoDeeOh's faux leather for the bottom contrast. The exterior pockets are The Clementine Fabric from Spoonflower designed by Crystal Walen. 

 Ottertex waterproof canvas from Fabric Wholesale Direct is the lining, making interfacing unnecessary. Hardware from Emmaline and zippers from Amazon.


The third lucky man to be getting The Duffy Bag is Becca Olson's spouse. She says the Walmart faux leather and faux suede fit his tastes perfectly. 


About her hardware she said, "All my hardware is from an Amazon seller I am currently not dealing with any longer." It apparently made a Grand Tour of the US before finally arriving several weeks later!

Ready to get started on your Duffy



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