The Karys Shoulder Bag Will Be Your New Favorite!

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The Karys was originally planned as a larger version of The Raelyn Bag Trio, but as Patricia worked through the pattern, it evolved its own design. And the testers loved it!
Let's take a look at their beautiful creations. They generously share all the details to give you an idea how certain fabrics and interfacings would work.
Ulrike Puckering of The Busy Sewing Room always delights us with her "outside the box" fabric choices that work out beautifully. This time was a real surprise as she used a nylon shower curtain! She backed that with 2 layers of woven interfacing and fleece.
The accent is faux leather with hardware from the Trimmingshop UK and zippers from Zipperstation UK. She opted not to use purse feet. Decovil Heavy was used in place of Peltex and Decovil light on the lining tops. Ulrike sews on a Singer 201K. Her comments on the pattern:

"Love the shape! Instructions were clear and easy as always, and the gusset fit was absolutely perfect."
- - - - - - - - - 
Kellie Toles of Sewful Creations
"I used zebra vinyl from Your Vinyl Source, marine vinyl from Big Z Fabric, waterproof canvas from Fabric Wholesale Direct, and hardware from Emmaline Bags and Amazon. I interfaced my vinyl with Decovil Light and added Decovil Heavy to the gussets, flap, and bottom. I also added a little vinyl trim to my slip pockets."
The zebra vinyl really makes a stand-out bag - and the photo styling is super cute! We love that red lining, too.
- - - - - - - - - -
Tracy Julien of Creations by Torchon
Tracy's details: "Materials used: black upholstery vinyl from TotosFabric for the accent and for the exterior I used AVALANCHE; the animal cheetah printed faux leather from SewPrettyVinyl. The lining is black waterproof canvas. I used rose gold hardware throughout the bag. Machine used: Juki1541s Thread used: Amann tan bonded polyester." 
We love that Tracy always gives us a nice lifestyle photo - so important to see the scale of the bag with a human! Beautiful classic bag. 
- - - - - - - - - -
Becca Olson of Turtle Trax Too
Becca has participated in EVERY Kaya Papaya Design pattern test. She has been invaluable and so encouraging in Patricia's evolution as a pattern designer. Her bag just shouts "Autumn!" and the fun hardware is a nice surprise.
The supplies for this beautiful bag: "Vinyl from Bo Dee-Oh. Decorator fabric from Amazon (bag was based on the vinyl). Hardware from Country Cow Designs.
I used a heavy woven fusible interfacing along with fusible foam for stability. On the main panels and zipper panels I did also use 808 for extra body."
- - - - - - - - - 

Keleesha Marley of #Marleysews
The tester group was wowed by Keleesha's color combo. She used fleece on the body, which you can see gives a softer semi-structured look. The exterior is Mora Faux Leather from Emmaline with WPC for the lining. Decovil Heavy was used for the bottom and gussets. Extra purse feet were added in the middle. Another great lifestyle photo, too.

- - - - - - - - - - 
Becca Lorraine of Prismatic Bags 
We were thrilled to have Becca rejoin the testing group. She always surprises us with fun fabric choices, usually skulls or the like. This time she left the skulls behind, but still chose a fun fabric.
"I used vinyl for the exterior, batik cotton for the interior. I used Decovil Heavy instead of Peltex and used Dulce Fuse in place of sf101. The red vinyl is from Bodeeoh, the turn lock is from Wawak. Sewn on my Juki TL18QVP."

- - - - - - - - - 
Gina Lasseigne of Le Petite Belle
We were thrilled to have Gina join the testing group. She is an active member of the FB Pattern Group and a very talented bag maker. She liked the new pattern so much that she made two! The bag with the beautifully textured vinyl is just for her.
For both bags she used faux leather from Joann's, with the accent fabrics from Old Time Pottery. The flip lock is from AliExpress. 
The body of the bags have fleece and Peltex on the flap and gusset per the pattern. She used exterior vinyl for the zipper placket lining with no stabilizer and said the final weight is just right. She did use Decovil Heavy for the base as she was having trouble with the Peltex fusing at low temp (for the vinyl). She added Peltex over the Decovil as the vinyl was soft and she wanted the bag to stand on its own. 
- - - - - - - - - 
As always, we so appreciate our testers! We can't get a quality pattern off the ground without them. Be sure to check out their links to see other beautiful bags they've made. 
Now that you're inspired, go get your copy of The Karys Shoulder Bag pattern. 

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