What's In Your Cici Tote Bag?

Lisa Stewart

Patricia's sister Amy is one organized mom! After gifting her with a Cici Tote for her birthday, Amy happily turned it into the most organized, best functioning, on-trend tote that you'd never guess is a diaper bag. I personally saw it a month ago (before the darned quarantine!) and mentioned to Patricia how amazed I was at what she was carrying. So we asked her if she'd let us have a glimpse into the true capacity of The Cici Tote

Amy has two boys - one still in diapers, but on the verge of potty training, and a preschooler. Usually, they have a busy schedule, out and about. They enjoy eating out in kid-friendly sit down restaurants. And Amy helps out at the preschool co-op. In other words, she's got to be able to carry alot of stuff, without carrying alot of different bags.

Patricia made a coordinating Cici Too Cosmetic Bag that Amy uses for her personal items. 

Amazon had a nice three pack of waterproof cosmetic bags, two of which Amy uses. One for a "restaurant entertainment" bag - 

and a "quick grab" diaper bag. This allows a less bulky diaper change situation, or a quick handoff to Dad so he can have a turn at diaper duty. It also allows her to remove these two bags for those rare times she gets to go out without the kids and just have a nice tote bag.

 She uses the interior zipper pocket and the two slip pockets to organize her sunglasses, keys, reusable silicon straws, a small coin purse with lip balm, etc.

She then stands everything up on its side so the wrist straps are ready to grab. (Note the Necessary Clutch Wallet - a great organizer on its own). And there's plenty of room to zip up and not have a bulging bag!

This reminds me of Hermione's small beaded purse in the Harry Potter series! (This one does not hold a tent).

The crossbody strap keeps it from falling off her shoulder when she's hoisting that 30 pound two year old in and out of his car seat.

After seeing how her sister uses The Cici Tote, Patricia has been inspired to design an add-on pack. The modifications will allow for The Cici Tote to function as a diaper bag or beach bag. 

Get the The Cici Tote Add-On Pack.

How do you use your Cici Tote? Have you made it for anyone with the purpose of a diaper bag or beach bag? 

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