Reasons why I love KPD patterns.

  1. Well written instructions, with exceptional photos to demonstrate the instruction.
  2. Easy to follow cut list. I use this all the time, really useful.
  3. A pattern piece for every section. For example, stabiliser pieces (frustrating when patterns say cut smaller), left and right pieces (no mirroring of pieces, which I frequently get wrong and waste fabric).
  4. Tabs provided for joining pieces together. Saves me from trying to work it out which piece I need to cut longer to stick to its counterpart.
  5. Pattern pieces with actual sizes, regardless of shape. Love, love, love this, as it really helps when trying to cut fabric to see if I can fussy cut and fit into limited fabric samples.
  6. Every page numbered. May sound simple but when my printer decides to play up, trying to see which pages haven’t printed is so much easier with numbered pages.

Thank you Patricia. Clearly I can see so much effort goes into your patterns, you are meticulous and understand that the smaller detail is where it all counts. I truly appreciate the quality we receive. - E. Figueira on Facebook

"I am so proud of my Laila Weekender!!! The instructions are so detailed and the photos a great help!!! My domestic machine handled it very well. I wouldn't call it difficult, just time consuming, which is reasonable, with the size and the variety of pockets!!! Thank you for the great pattern and your assistance when I needed it!" - K. Ioannou

"I’m finally done with the Claire and Alyssa Hip Bag. This is my first go around with both patterns and I have to say that this was so fun making both. I’m definitely making more. The patterns were so finely tuned In directions and diagrams that it made it so easy." - S. Cheney

"I’m getting ready to make my first KPD sew and wanted to give a shout out to KPD for how they design their patterns. First, I absolutely love the patterns that give me a pattern piece for interfacing/stabilizer. Second, I use a spreadsheet to figure out my project costs by square inch, so I have to have every pattern piece measurements. I LOVE that you provide the cutting and interfacing cut list with the measurements on it! It saves me sooooo much time. THANK YOU KPD for excellent written patterns!" - G. F. Shoemaker

"The directions are amazing!!! I wish everyone did their directions like these!" - C. Richter

"Thanks for the opportunity to test the pattern! It’s such a fast sew, and with little prep needed." - A. Han

"It was a fun sew and can’t wait to make more." - D. Sparrow

"So I sewed into the early hours as I was enjoying making this bag so much." - M. Southworth

"I love this pattern! It makes such a cute bag!" - B. Forrette

 "I did the big one and I love the result." - J. Grossinger

"Totally in love." - B. Olson

"This was such a fun sew!!" - R. Hansen

"Just downloaded and read through the new pattern. It is great!!!!" - Z. Monod