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The Cici Tote Bag was originally created for me - a very hands-on grandma toting diapers, etc.; frequent traveler (to see my daughter's family - not a globe trotter!); and a "gotta have a book with me at all times" person. My chiropractor just frowns when he sees my bag. (Next time I'll carry the Penelope Crossbody to see him).

When Patricia released the pattern, we had a respectable amount of attention with beautiful tester photos. But now that the pattern has been used and our group members are posting, we are seeing a surge in interest as everyone wants to try out their ideas. 

Take a look at just how well this pattern adapts to so many different styles:

Sandrine Ballestra's is so bright and cheery. 


Karen Michika's tote is ready for a pile of books!


This earth-toned beauty is by Ellalou LaRose Zirblis.


Susan Coll used a playful design in her first of 2 bags!


Such a stand out design by Susanne van Soldt!

With such a big tote bag, we need to be able to corral those small things. We added a matching cosmetic bag, The Cici Too, and it has also brought out the creativity. Zeiba Monod of Sew Special by ZM posted the first matching set.

So sophisticated by Zeiba Monod.

Member Susan Coll was the first one to post within 2 hours of downloading the Cici Too!

Try not to smile when you see this in your tote bag!

You can join the Kaya Papaya Design Facebook Pattern Group, too. We'd love to have you! After joining, take the time to scroll through to see all the other Cici Too Cosmetic Bag creations.

What can you create with the Cici Tote Bag Pattern and Cici Too Cosmetic Bag?




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