How To Get the Most From Kaya Papaya Design's Reward Program

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I have a keyring full of loyalty cards. And I use them.

For convenience, I can load them to an app, making me a slave to my phone. And cell service availability.

Either way, I hate that the only way I can take advantage of a sale is to use the card! 

If I'm such a valued, loyal customer why can't I just get the deal for shopping there? 

I was shopping at a big box fabric store, where I am a "rewards member" through their app. I had been notified of a "20% off total purchase" coupon. But at checkout, the app would not load and I couldn't use the coupon, nor could my loyalty number be scanned.

And when I told the cashier, she shrugged! No effort to at least scan a 20% coupon for me.

It was hard to resist the urge to walk out and leave my cart sitting there. And I did a slow burn over the $12 I could've saved on my purchase. Everything in my cart was placed there for the additional 20% discount! And I couldn't get credit towards my rewards member account for the money I spent.

And let's not forget those monthly rewards I was earning. 

All of this rambling to say - Kaya Papaya Design has a loyalty program. If only all loyalty programs were this awesome.

Details of the Pattern Perks program include:

  • All customers receive Pattern Points at the time of purchase. The rewards will be redeemable once you sign up for an account.
  • Whenever you make an account on Kaya Papaya Design, you are entered into the Pattern Perks program. 
  • This information is only used for shopping. Newsletter subscription is separate.
  • Update your profile with your birthdate, and get points.
  • Make a purchase and get 1 point per $1.
  • Sharing the news earns more perks.
  • Every 30 points gets you a $5 coupon.
  • Coupons don't expire and have no "small print" exclusions.
  • Coupons can be redeemed directly from the Pattern Perks account.

Let's use Susie Shopper as an example:

Susie signs up with her email address and earns 5 points. She receives a welcome email, goes to her profile and puts in her birthday (no year). If it is 30 days before her birthday, she will earn 15 points on that date (or the following year if not 30 days).

The welcome email also includes a referral code, special to her account, that Susie can use unlimited times on social media, in emails, on her website, etc. When a friend uses the code and makes a purchase, the friend gets a $1 coupon, and so does Susie. No exclusions, no expiration dates. 

By her birthday, Susie has 20 points just for signing up! She makes a purchase totaling $9.50 (one pattern), gets 10 more points for a total of 30 points, and is emailed a $5 coupon. This information is in her Pattern Perks account, so she only needs to redeem from there next time she shops.

Susie has had ten referrals make purchases, so she has now amassed ten $1 coupons she can use on ten different purchases. (All coupons have a discount code, so only one can be used per purchase). And those discounted purchases are accruing points!

Susie is smart. To use those $1 coupons per purchase, she purchases single patterns to make her money stretch further!

If all Loyalty Programs really rewarded you so well!


That big box fabric store monthly reward? I spent over $200 that month and got a $5 reward to use within 7 days. IF the app will come up in the store!



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